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NLGSA COVID Coaching Guidelines for Practices/ Games



  1. Before any practice/game the coach shall make a list of everyone attending along with their temperatures.  The date, time, and location of the practice/game shall be noted on the list (There will be a thermometer in each box).  For practices, either email or text the list to Marty within 24 hours.  For games, either give list to umpire or to the concession stand before the start of the game.  NO ONE CAN START WARMING UP FOR GAME UNTIL THEIR TEMPERATURE HAS BEEN TAKEN.


  1. In each box, there will be two spray bottles with sanitizer in them. There is one for each team.  During practices, please spray the softballs before each practice and occasionally though out the practice when possible.  Also, sanitize the catcher’s equipment any time the equipment is shared by any player.  During games, spray the game ball after every inning.  Also, spray the catcher’s equipment anytime a new player uses it.


  1. Each team will have their own game ball for every game and keep that ball throughout the game.  When the pitcher brings the ball in after each inning, spray it with the sanitizer bottle.  If a ball goes out of play, use the best practice ball you have but spray it before you put it in the game.


  1. NO parents will be allowed to stay at the practice.  They must drop off their player and pick them up at the end of the assigned practice time.


  1. All players and coaches will place their equipment at least 6 feet away from any other player or coach.  All equipment will be placed on the infield fence, not the dugout.


  1. During practice and games, all players and coaches should maintain 6 feet of separation between each other when possible.


  1. Physical contact between players should be avoided when possible.  No high fives, shaking hands, knuckles, etc.  Any player collision should be avoided when possible.


  1. No equipment including helmets, gloves, bats, etc. will be shared by players or coaches without being sanitized prior to use.


  1. No water will be shared by players and coaches.  Players and coaches should clearly mark any items brought to the practice/game.  NO SEEDS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD OR IN THE “DUGOUT” DURING GAMES OR PRACTICES


  1. During batting practice, the catcher will set-up at least 6 feet away from the batter.


  1. It is recommended that any player or coach not practicing on the field wear a mask when they are not able to maintain 6 foot social distancing.


  1. No players are allowed in the dugout except to walk through to get to the field.  The bleachers will be set-up for the players only with Xs on the bleachers showing where they can seat.  The players may also stand behind the dugout or down the infield fence as long as they maintain 6 feet of separation.


  1. It is recommended that players and coaches sanitize their hands at least every 30 minutes.  Ideally, anytime a player or coach leaves the field, they should sanitize their hands.  Sanitizer will be provided for each team.


  1. There will be no pregame meetings or post game handshakes with the other team.