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   Instructional - Kindergarten & 1st grade    

   Pee Wee- Grades 2nd & 3rd

   Rookie- Grades 4th & 5th

   Junior- Grades 6th-8th

   Senior-  All high school grades


The spring season starts in April with two practices a week. Games begin in May with a 14 game schedule except for the Instructional division.   Rookie division and above will have a single elimination playoff.  


Activity fee:

Each family is required to pay a fully refundable ‘Activity Fee’ of $60, payable at registration only.   The activity fee is an incentive for parents to find a way to volunteer. This fee will be refunded if specified volunteer criteria are met. There is only one 'Activity Fee' charged per household. More information regarding the activity fee and volunteer opportunities will be listed on the registration form.


Candy Sales:

Each family can purchase a box of candy to sell for $80.  You then keep the money you collect from sales.  You may opt out of the candy sale for a $50 fee. There is only one candy fee per household.


League fee:

   Instructional - $140  

   Pee Wee - $180

   Rookie - $180

   Junior - $180

   Senior - $180



   2nd child - $15

   3rd child - $25

   4th child -  $30