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                                                            NLGSA Drafting  Procedure


This drafting procedure shall apply to Rookie, Junior and Senior divisions.   All players who are entering one of the mentioned divisions are subject to this procedure.   Players who are already part of a team in such divisions shall be exempt from the draft unless they request to be placed on a different team.  Picks  will be performed in accordance to a blind draft system. 


                                                                  Section 1   Evaluations

  1. All players who are eligible for the draft must participate in one of the evaluation days.  Failure to do so will result in a player being ruled ineligible for placement on a team.
  2. The evaluation process will be led by a volunteer committee determined by the Executive Board.
  3. Players will be evaluated on throwing, fielding. hitting and if interested, pitching.  A skill level will then be determined from 1-5 with 1 being the highest level.
  4. All coaches must submit player evaluations including positions played at the end of the season. Coaches will not be allowed to coach again until the evaluations are submitted.


                                                    Section 2 Draft Pool

  1.  After being assigned a skill level players will be separated into the following 6 categories:
  1. Pitchers                     4)  Skill Level 3
  2. Skill Level  1              5)  Skill Level 4
  3. Skill Level  2              6)  Skill Level 5


                                             Section 3   Head Coaches/ Assistant Coaches

  1. When possible teams will be composed of one Head Coach and two Assistant Coaches.   Head Coaches may pick up to two assistant coaches however those players are still required to attend an evaluation day.
  2. Coaches must submit assistant coach requests to their division V.P.  no later than 7 days before the draft. 
  3. If no requests for assistant coaches are made the division V.P.  will attempt to assign two per team.  


                                                   Section 4  Existing Teams

  1. All teams existing in a division shall remain together when possible for the length of a player’s career in that division. 
  2. Players may request to leave a team at time of registration.  Those players must then attend the player evaluation day and be placed into the general draft pool. 




                                                   Section 5    Requests

  1.   Requests to be placed on a certain team or with a certain player will not be accepted.  This includes carpool requests. 


                                                   Section 6   Draft Day

  1. The draft will be held on a date determined by the Executive Board.  All head coaches must attend or assign an assistant coach to represent the team.
  2. Pitchers will be the first category picked in the draft.  It is the intent of the Executive Board to try to place two pitchers on each team. 
  3. Previous season evaluation forms will be used to determine pitching needs for an existing team.
  4. After pitchers have been distributed, teams with the least amount of players shall pick first. Teams will start with one pick from each skill level until they reach the number of players equal to that of the team with the most players. 
  5. Once teams have an equal amount of players each team will have one pick from the highest skill level available.  Picking order will be determined by the previous season team record.  Teams with the least amount of wins shall have the first pick in succession.
  6.  The draft will end when all available players have been assigned a team. 



                                                           Section 7 Waitlist

  1.  Teams in the Rookie and Junior divisions shall not have more than 13 players per team.
  2. Once all teams have 13 players late registrants will be placed on a waitlist.  If a position becomes available players will be chosen in order of registration.    If a waitlist player does not play a full refund will be provided.