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This document shall be applicable to all coaches, parents, family members, umpires and softball players.

The following activities are strictly prohibited and are found in the NLGSA rule book under General Park/Facility Rules:
1. No possession of drugs and alcohol.
2. No possession of ftreanns or other weapons.
3. No fighting or any other acts of physical violence.
4. No smoking or any other use of tobacco products.
5. No outbursts of profanity directed toward any manager, coach, player, 
    spectator or umpire.

If any of these activities are brought to the attention of the Executive Board of NLGSA and if the offense is found to be valid, the following will occur to the offender in question:

1. The offender will be suspended for 1 game, (if you are found to be in 
    attendance during your 1 game suspension, your team will forfeit that 
2. If you are found to be in violation of a 2nd offense, you will be suspended 
    for the remainder of the season and face possible permanent suspension 
    from any future NLGSA activity.

Please remember that NLGSA is a recreational softball organization that strives to provide the girls of New Lenox and surrounding communities a safe and positive sporting experience. By keeping in mind these following principles you will be able to assist your daughter in softball and sportsmanship.

Be supportive, encouraging and keep a positive attitude no matter what happens. Respect the umpire's and accept their decisions. Assist and support the coaches and volunteer your time and talents to NLGSA when possible. Understand our rules (they arc on our web site NLGSA.org), and the specific
division your daughter plays in to get a better appreciation of their hard work. Comply with the rules and polices of NLGSA.

I hereby grant permission to NLGSA to post pictures of my daughter involved in any and all NLGSA events and activities. I understand that photos will be identified by team name and division only.

Therefore, I agree to indemnify, define and hold harmless the members of the NLGSA Board, its officers from and against any and all claims and liabilities resulting from this publishing.

I/We acknowledge the above policy and will adhere to the NLGSA Code of Conduct. Failure to do so will possibly result in I/We not attending our daughters softball games. Additionally, by refusing to accept this agreement you are choosing not to have your daughter participate in NLGSA softball.