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Instructional Division Rules




ASA Rules:

All games will be played under ASA rules, in addition to the following league rules included in the rulebook; which take precedence over the ASA rules.

Annual Rule Revisions:

The rules committee shall meet once a year prior to the end of the year.  The committee shall consist of members of the general board.  The members will review the past year’s rules and make a list of the revisions if necessary to be presented to the Executive Board meeting in December.  The Executive Board will review and approve the rules for the upcoming season.  The Executive Vice President shall revise the rules and submit to the President for final approval and distribution.  The Secretary shall then generate and distribute copies to all coaches during equipment and final roster distribution at the end of March.





Home Team Responsibilities:

  • Lining the field, placing bases, and supplying the game ball:

Optimally, the lining and placement of bases are to be completed 20 minutes prior game time. 

  • Pitching distance - 25’
  • Baseline - 50’
  • A 3’ chalk line shall be added from halfway to 1st base through the base. The runner shall stay within this area and out of the field of play.
  • Batter’s Box - 3’ by 7’ and 6” off plate


  • The Home team manager is responsible for checking the field conditions prior to any game.  Both head coaches will decide if the field is playable in case of rain.  Once the game begins, the umpire will have the sole responsibility for deciding whether or not the game should continue. (In games without umpires, the coaches will make the decision.) If the game is rained out, it is the Home team manager’s responsibility to call the Head Umpire to give notice of no game and also contact Marty Kelly within two weeks to reschedule the game and coordinate with two weeks to reschedule the game and coordinate with the visiting manager on the date, time and location of makeup game.
  • All attempt will be made to avoid scheduling two games on the same day for either team.
  • If not contacted within two weeks, a new game will be automatically scheduled by Marty Kelly.
  • It is the responsibility of all managers to check the Master Schedule if they have a rescheduled game. A Master Game Schedule will be posted in the shadow box on the Walona Concession Building. It will be updated every Monday. Please refer to this schedule first.

*All rescheduled games will be posted in Red on the Master Schedule in the shadow box on the Walona Concession Building


Eligibility – Girls in kindergarten and 1st grade


Any player who does not abide by the uniform rules will not be allowed to play the game

  • Shirts – “Our” Uniform shirts are to be worn by all players
  • Pants – are to be worn only (NO SHORTS) NOEXCEPTION
  • Jewelry – All jewelry can be worn, however it is recommend that no loose fitting or hooped earrings be worn.



  • Handles must be taped a minimum of 12" to a maximum of 18"  

  • No bats longer than 36" along with a diameter no more than 2.5"

  • Bats must be absent of any physical damage such as dents and cracks   Bats must not be on the ASA banned bat list.


    If at any time a bat if found to be illegal by the umpire the only penalty is the bat must be removed from play. There is to be no penalty assessed to the play or the player.


Batting Helmets:

  • It is mandatory that the batter and all the base runners wear  a batting helmets with facemasks

Catchers Equipment:

  • The catcher must wear a chest protector and catcher’s helmet.  Shin guards are optional at this level.

Balls:   11” Soft

Gloves:  All player must wear gloves



  • No new inning shall start one hour an fifty minutes after the commencement of the game. This rule applies to divisions.  This rule shall be waived in cases of championship games and All-Star games.  Any continued game will carry over pitching rules (inning pitched, hit batter, etc.) and/or batting orders.  This should be verified by both coaches at the end of the suspended game.
  • A game will consist of a maximum of 6 innings. NO new inning will begin 1 hour and 50 minutes after the start of the game


  • While a player may be placed anywhere, to teach the girls how to play specific positions there would be a 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, shortstop, pitcher, catcher and (4) outfielders.  Short center is an acceptable outfielder.

Coaching on the field:

  • The defensive team will be allowed up to (3) coaches on the field, two in the outfield and one behind the pitcher.  The coaches must make every attempt not to interfere with the players or a batted ball.  If any coach is hit by the ball or interferes with the player, the batter will be awarded first base.


  • We have no umpires at this level; therefore it will be the responsibility of the coach that is behind the pitcher to make all calls.  This includes the fair or foul judgment calls and the safe or out calls on the base


  • The batting order will be continuous and is not to change.  That is all players will bat regardless if she is currently in the fielding line-up.  Any player not present at the start of the game will be inserted at the bottom of the original batting order.
  • Batters /runners and limited to one base on an infield hit and two bases on outfield hits.
  • There will be three outs or a maximum of eight batters per inning


Strike Zone: The strike zone for each batter is the area from the letters to the knees, directly over the home plate


  • Coach pitch only – An offensive coach will make six pitches to the batter. If by this time she has not hit a fair ball, an offensive coach will place the ball on a batting tee.  The batter will then be allowed to put the ball in play from the batting tee.
  • An offensive coach will make six pitches to the batter. If by this time she has not hit a fair ball, an offensive coach will place the ball on a batting tee.  The batter will then be allowed to put the ball in play from the batting tee.


A Foul Tip:

  •  This is a batted ball that goes directly from the bat to the catcher’s glove, but not higher than the batters’ head.  This will be considered a strike.  If the foul ball goes higher that the batter’s head and is caught, the batter will be called “out”!

Ball thrown out of play:

  • When the ball is over thrown (out of the field of play) the base runners will be awarded the base they were approaching at the release of the throw plus one more base.  The umpire must immediately declare “Dead Ball”.

A run shall NOT be scored:

  • If the third out of the inning is a result of the batter being put our before legally touching 1st base or if the base runner id forced out.

Coach touching a player:

  • If a coach touched a player while running the bases; the player is called “out”.  (Congratulatory High 5’s are permitted)

Time outs:

  • Each manager will be allowed two time outs/trips to the mound per inning to talk to his or her pitcher and or team. The 2nd trip to the mound will constitute a pitching change.
  • Any player on the team may ask for a time out at any time and the umpire may grant time if play has ended.



  • Injury - In the event of an injury, the game may be stopped immediately by the umpire. The umpire will award bases and/or outs before the game resumes. Pinch runners for any hurt player must be the last out of the inning, if there are no outs in the inning it must be the last batter from the previous inning.
  •  No throwing of the bat permitted by anyone. If any player or coach throws a bat, the player will be called “out” for interference, or an out assessed against the team.  The coaches and umpire should warn both teams before the game starts about throwing the bat. This call is a judgment call, made at the discretion of the umpire.
  • Player Interference is the act of an offensive player or team member that impedes or confuses a defensive player attempting to execute a play.
  • An “Obstruction” will be called in the following situation:
  • A fielder who is not fielding or not about to receive a thrown ball who impedes the progress of the base runner or batter who is legally running the bases.  It will result in the runner advancing one base.
  • The base path is an imaginary line 3 feet on either side of a direct line between the bases.  A runner is not out if she runs out of the base path to avoid a collision.
  • A base runner advancing towards first base must touch the orange part of the double base when running past the base in an attempt to beat the throw. If the base runner touches the white portion of the double base while attempting to beat the throw, she will be called “out”. Likewise, if the first baseman places her foot on the orange portion of the double base while attempting to make a play, the base runner will be called “safe” by the umpire. If the base runner is advancing beyond first base, she may use the white portion of the double base to “round the base”. 


  • Each manager or coach is to instruct their catchers to be ready to take the field prior to the end of their turn at bat, if the catcher is not batting or preparing to bat. It is suggested that you pinch run for your catcher or new pitcher when there are 2 out in the inning in order to speed up the game. The pinch runner must be the last out of the inning. 

Game Forfeiture:

  • If a team is not ready to start within 15 minutes after the assigned starting time, they will forfeit the game.
  • If a spectator becomes verbally abusive, the coach will inform the abusive individual the game will possibly be forfeited if the abuse does not cease if the abuse continues, the coach will declare game forfeited.


Any and all ejections require the ejected individuals to leave the facility (including parking lot) within 5 minutes of the ejection. This means the ejected player/coach/manager must leave the Walona property including the parking lot if ejected. The closest place to go would be the Martino parking lot. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the game. 

  • If a player, coach or spectator is ejected from the game, they must leave the field area with all family members.  (Except Manager)
  • If the manager is ejected, the manager must leave the facility (including parking lot).
  • The NLGSA Executive Board has the right to extend the ejection to the next game and beyond if they think the violation deems it necessary.



Each coach will be given a list of all coaches’ names and phone numbers, along with the names and phone numbers of the umpires.

  • No player shall sit consecutive innings
  • No player should sit out for the second time until all girls have sat out once.
  • When your team’s division game play starts, our allotted practice field time is over.  If you would like to schedule additional practice field time, please contact Marty Kelly (815-258-7916) no earlier than the Wednesday the week before you want to practice.  Rain-outs and make-up games will take precedence.
  • Keys to the equipment box and bag of equipment MUST be turned in at the end of the last game.  When you turn in your equipment, you will be given your trophies.

‚ÄčPlayer Rotation:

  • All players must play at least one inning in the infield along with at least one inning in the outfield every game by the fourth inning.
  • All girls should play every position by the end of the season with the exception of pitcher & catcher.
  • It is suggested that you ask all the girls to try pitching & catching and give any girl the opportunity to try those positions.



  • Coaches try to resolve the problems amongst themselves.
  • Coach will contact the Vice-President of the corresponding Division with a description of the problem.
  • Division VP will contact and poll everyone he can on both sides of the issue. (Coaches, parents, umps, players etc…)
  • Division VP will assess the problem, keeping in mind the objectives of NLGSA as stated in the Constitution.
  • When an opinion is formulated by the Division VP, the VP will contact the coach and address the situation logically and try to reach a satisfactory decision where all persons involved are satisfied.
  • The coach has the right to appeal the Division VP’s decision to the Executive Board, at the next regular meeting.
  • If the problem persists, the Division VP will contact the Executive Board, citing the problems that have occurred in an unbiased manner.
  • The Executive Board will decide at that point, if the situation is severe enough, to call a special meeting to help assess the problem and/or the decision, and what the next steps will be. All managers, coaches, players, spectators, and umpires are subject to immediate probation or suspension if found in violation of the following rules:


  • All managers, coaches, players, spectators, and umpires are subject to immediate probation or suspension if found in violation of the following rules.


  • NO Possession and/or use of Illegal Drugs or Alcohol.
  • NO Possession and/or use of Firearms or other weapons.
  • NO Fighting or any other acts of physical violence.
  • NO Smoking or other use of tobacco products.
  • No outbursts of profanity directed toward any other manager, coach, player, spectator, or umpire.



  • Only Rules Interpretations can be protested, not umpire judgment calls.
  • Details of the circumstances of the protest will be noted in both the scorebooks at the time of the protest, noting the number of outs, runners on base, etc.
  • The attending umpire(s) will be notified at the time of the protest.
  • The NLGSA Executive Board and the Division VP’s will be notified in writing by the protesting coach or assistant coach within 3 days of the protest.
  • The Rules Committee, the Head Umpire, the attending umpire(s) and the Division VP will attend the protest hearing.  The Division VP will investigate the protest prior to the hearing.
  • Following the protest hearing, the Executive Board will return a judgment within 2 weeks.
  • A protest fee of $50.00 will accompany the written protest.  This fee will be returned to the protesting coach if the protest is judged in his/her favor.