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                                             New Lenox Part Time Travel Softball Questions & Answers

  1.  What is the difference between part time travel and full time?

Part time travel differs from full time travel most importantly because all part time travel players MUST play in our rec league.  Without our rec league there is no part time travel team.   The offseason training also starts later for part time and there will not be as many games played as full time travel. 

  1. What are the fees?

The fee is going to be roughly $500.  Included in that fee are uniforms, league fees, umpire costs and team equipment.  The first installment of $200 is non-refundable and is your acceptance.  The remaining $300 will be paid in January.

  1. Is there fundraising?

Fundraising will be the responsibility of each team.   Any money collected will help pay for any team bills that exceed the original cost estimate and then to help lower the cost of the registration fee. 

  1. How many games are played in a season?

There are 10 games with the Sunday League and also a Memorial Day Tournament.  In addition to that the team will play in the Kankakee tournament at the end of July. Depending on the individual coach, a team might possibly play in  local tournaments between the end of the rec season and the start of the Kankakee tournament. 

  1. What if there is a Rec league event that conflicts with a Part time

travel event?

All rec league games take precedence over any part time travel games.

Anyone found missing a rec league game to attend a part time travel event will be suspended from both leagues for a time period that will be determined by the board.